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How to fix issues with Alexa Calling?

With the advancement in technology, Amazon has designed the echo device that holds the attention of many people. You need to download the Alexa App to access the Echo device. It is a smart speaker that works on your voice commands. Alexa can do several things for you every day such as play your favorite music, set alarms, and reminders, provide you the latest weather news updates, manage your daily shopping list and much more. For more information regarding the Amazon Alexa, then visit dot download, website. Although AOL Desktop Gold is one of the most amazing devices, still some people face issues with Alexa Calling. If you want to resolve this issue, then you can take the help of the technicians.   

Troubleshooting steps to fix issues with Alexa Calling

To use the Amazon Echo devices for calling, make sure that you have a strong WiFi Connection. Echo devices have undoubtedly taken the place of the Home phone. In case, you are facing any issue related to Alexa while making a call. Here is the simple troubleshooting step to fix the issue as follows:

  • You can check the contacts list. The problem can be occured if you have entered the new contact, and Alexa hasn’t updated yet.
  • Simply close and then reopen the Alexa App.
  • Then open the Conversations tab. Now check the contacts that you are trying to make a call.
  • In case the contact is listed in your contact list. Then make sure that your Phone number is correct.
  • You can sign out and then sign in, now you can try making a call. It also helps to resolve the issue. 

If you want more information related to Alexa, then visit at dot download website. For instant help, you can choose our expert technicians. Our experts are well-known to all the common issues related to Alexa. We have experts who are available 24/7 hours; feel free to contact us anytime. The support provided by our experts will surely blow your mind. All the professionals are well-knowledgeable as well as experienced to deal with the common problems of the Alexa. Get the one-stop solutions from our experts anytime. 

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